Month: July 2012

Which is your dominant breathing nostril

Most of us do not breathe consciously. it happens automatically. your breathing pattern represents your personality type, as one of my Guru’s used to say that entire world population can be divided into two categories, one dominant in right nostril and another dominant in the left. To check your breathing nostril, block one and observe your breath, then block the other one and observe again. You’ll find one is easy to breathe from that’s the active nostril at that point. According to Swar yoga, your breathing nostrils alternate every 45 minutes, but its not a perfect cycle and some people breathe more from left or right that’s your dominant nostril.

Your left nostril is associated with the energy of moon, connects with the right brain, which is creative. However moon energy affects your Swadhisthan or Sacral Chakra, which besides our sexuality regulates our emotional balance and water element. Hence the people dominant in their left nostril are sensual, creative but more emotional by nature, they may also be prone to depressions, low blood pressure, lower back discomfort, water retention etc.

Our right nostril is associated with the energy of Sun, so the people who are right nostrils dominant connect with the left brain more, they are action oriented. Sun energy activates their Solar plexus or Manipura chakra. These right nostril dominant people are ambitious in life, they are go getters, chasing success in the form of money, power or authority. And these are prone to heated liver resulting in higher body temperature, imbalanced digestion,acid reflux, high cholestrol, hypertension (high BP), diabetes, frequent headaches and migraines.

Thats why ancient yogic wisdom stresses so much on correct breathing, just by regulating your breath you can regulate a lot of health issues. Simple alternate nostrils breathing done every morning evening can help you regulate your energy level, your sleeping pattern, blood pressure, digestion headache migraines and so many other health issues.


We are the sum total of our thought pattern, which reflects as our attitude towards life and people.
What we hold inside, affects our vibrations and our vibrations affect our health, relationships as well as career.
Healthy human beings energy has been measured between 62 to 74 Mega Hertz, this energy is affected by our emotions and  thought process; as per the law of attraction, what we throw around comes back to us. Feelings of anger, resentment bring our vibrations down, cause toxicity affecting us physical, physiological and mental level. Once below 58 Mega hertz we start inviting disease in the physical body.On the other hand feelings of Joy, ecstasy and enthusiasm raise our vibrations substantially.

Among the healing tools I use,  my favourite is AROMATHERAPY oils, since their vibrations range is from 30 to 360 MHZ thats why they have the ability to heal us at Physical, Physiological, Psychological and subtle level. I was surprised when somebody told me yesterday that she doesn’t believe in Aromatherapy but was willing to try Chakra healing. Fact is that I use essential oils (basis of aromatherapy) for Chakra healing along with lymphatic drainage, emotional release work and crystals. In the month of April while I was doing an expo in New Jersey USA, I received the best feed back on Chakra oils when a fellow exhibitor shared that she bought Chakra oils 3 years back and used for regulating her thyroid instead of Synthroid, prescribed to her and with in six months, to the surprise of her doctor, her thyroid was regulated completely without any medication. I have so many amazing healing feed backs and stories to share.